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Herringbone is a popular pattern for its unique and trendy look and has made a comeback in the flooring industry. The installation of a herringbone pattern however has one big downside: you normally need two types of panels – left and right or A/B panels which are mirror images of each other – to be able to lay this flooring pattern.

The Unizip technology solves this inconvenience. Unilin invented a locking profile that makes it possible to lay a herringbone floor with only one type of panel. The Unizip profile positions the tongue and groove around the panel in such a way that the short side of the panel can be locked into the long side of the adjacent panel, without having to compromise on locking strength. Unizip is available for all main types of flooring.


The installation method for the floating Unizip panels is very easy. The long sides of the panel can be angled into the adjacent panel. The short sides of the panel need to be snapped in the long sides of the next panel. You only need one type of panel to lay this herringbone pattern.

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Unizip installation


The Unizip technology has a lot of stock management benefits compared with traditional herringbone panels. Manufacturers traditionally have to produce 2 types of panels and have to ensure that an equal amount of left side and right side panels reach the end user, increasing supply chain storage and distribution requirements. Unizip simplifies these logistics by eliminating the need for two types of panels. Additionally, the Unizip profile can be easily integrated in the current production process. Producers only need one additional tool: a machine integration for the milling machine. This tool pushes the milling blade forward and backwards at the right moments.

Although this locking profile is suitable for use with all main types of flooring, the herringbone pattern is especially popular with engineered wooden floors. For this type of flooring people also like tongue and groove profiles. If you'd like a herringbone floor with tongue and groove jointing instead of click profiles, you can take a look at our T&G Unizip Technology

If you want to learn more about our Unizip technology or if you are interested in becoming a licensed partner, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Why choose Unizip?

Fast 3

Quick and intuitive installation


Only one type of panel

Noinserts+noglue 0

No glue or plastic inserts required


Available for tongue and groove (T&G) flooring

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