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NEW Unidrop

Unidrop is a one-piece, fold-down technology that provides superior locking performance without plastic inserts and guarantees easy installation for the short sides of the panel. This glueless locking profile is a further improvement of the Unipush technology.

Although the Unidrop technology has all the necessary features to be used for all materials, it is most commonly used for materials with some flexibility, since the material itself will create the locking. Thanks to its many features, Unidrop is also suitable for laminates.


The Unidrop technology can be installed by vertically pushing one plank into the adjacent plank, without the need of a plastic insert. After installation, this profile ensures complete horizontal and vertical locking simultaneously. 

Unidrop is the first one-piece fold-down that solves the problem of deinstallation: where traditional one-piece, fold-down locking systems must be disassembled by shifting the boards horizontally to be correctly detached from each other, the Unidrop technology offers the unique possibility to be detached by simply angling up one panel.

installation unidrop, one-piece, fold-down, flexible lower lip, flooring
Unidrop installation

Extra locking strength

This method benefits end users in several ways. First of all, Unidrop counters the damage problems end users often experience during disassembly of other one-piece, fold-down locking profiles, thanks to this more intuitive disassembly method. Additionally, manufacturers can put more pre-tension on the short side of the panel, because the profile does not have to be disassembled by shifting the planks out of each other. As a result – just as in the Uniclic profile – there is extra locking strength and better water impermeability.

Integration in production process

Unidrop is very easy to integrate within the existing production process. The production of other one-piece, fold-down profiles requires a smaller milling blade to be able to produce the difficult-to-mill negative angle in these profiles. For the Unidrop profile such a tool is not necessary, since this profile does not need any 'negative angles' to provide superior locking. As a result, producers can use wider milling tolerances without compromising the security of interlocked joints.

Apart from ordering the correct milling tools there is in most cases no need to invest in new milling machinery, since the new profile can be easily produced using existing milling machines. In addition, manufacturers are not required to invest in an inserter machine since this profile does not need an extra insert.

installation unidrop, SPC, one-piece, fold-down
Unidrop in SPC

Locking performance

The overall locking strength of the Unidrop profile is achieved through the flexibility in the lower lip of the panel. This profile offers horizontal locking in 2 places and vertical locking in 3 places, which results in superior locking performance that has proved to be generally stronger than its competitors.

If you want to learn more about this technology or if you are interested in becoming a licensed partner, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Why choose Unidrop?

Fast 1

Quick and intuitive fold-down installation


No glue or plastic inserts required


Best technical performance of all fold-down locking systems

Horizontalandverticallocking 0

Complete, simultaneous horizontal and vertical locking


Angle out to deinstall

Compatiblewithcurrentproductionorsimpleintegration 1

Simple integration within existing production


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