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Unipush is a one-piece, fold-down technology that can be easily produced and intuitively installed. By simply pushing the short side of the panel down into the adjacent plank, you get a solidly locked joint. Manufacturers need no additional materials, such as inserts, and no extra equipment to produce the Unipush profile.


The installation of the Unipush technology requires no specific expertise, thanks to its intuitive and simple assembly. The installer simply needs to push each panel vertically downwards into the adjacent panel to achieve top-of-class locking.

Installation Unipush, flooring, technology, one-piece, fold-down

Why choose Unipush?


Intuitive and easy to install


No inserts needed

Compatiblewithcurrentproductionorsimpleintegration 0

Easy integration in existing production lines


Horizontal and vertical locking along the entire width of the panel

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