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Turning your IP into a profit center

The Unilin Technologies sub-licensing program is designed to help companies commercialize their groundbreaking ideas and innovations. Companies can boost their profit margins by relying on our extensive expertise in intellectual property management and our world-wide IP licensing network.





Filing for IP rights, such as patents, trademarks and designs is a common way of protecting efforts spent in research and development. However, the investment by individual companies in such IP rights to protect their technology against competition is often inadvisably regarded as a pure loss.

Under its sublicensing program, Unilin Technologies opens up its IP expertise to third parties with the aim of creating return on their investment in research and development.

Unilin Technologies seeks to establish win-win arrangements with third parties, wherein the basic ideas are:

  • You develop your technology
  • You file for your IP-rights with or without Unilin's IP assistance
  • Unilin Technologies markets and commercializes your technology

Unilin Technologies provides:

  • Immediate access to a vast network of existing licensees
  • A worldwide, active sales team in the relevant market


  • More than 20 years of know-how in licensing, auditing and financial control
  • More than 20 years of expertise in patent valuation and prosecution

Protect your ideas - license them - maximize your profit!

Maximize your success

Our cooperation includes:


  • Patent filing in a way that properly protects your IP
  • Implementation and daily protection of your patents


  • Development of successful marketing strategies for promoting your patents, using our commercial acumen
  • Access to our global sales team & network of existing licensees



  • Complete follow-up service for your IP income
  • Timely reporting of sales volumes & payment of royalties
  • Benefiting from our decades of expertise in patent valuation, auditing and control


Want to become a partner?

Examples of our partnerships

Water draining technology
Magnetic flooring
Easylox herringbone Beugt Unizip T&G
randomized edge technology
Perennial porcelain roofing tile


Interno504 is an engraver that makes press plates for ceramic tiles and is dedicated to creating structures and graphics for ceramics

Interno 504 is our partner for DeltaTile, our  technology for the production of ceramic floor tiles that have highly efficient surface water drainage capabilities. 



IOBAC is an expert in magnetic surfaces. We work together on magnetic flooring and walling technologies. 

IOBAC is a magnetic system that enables a more flexible, cost-beneficial installation over the life of a floor or wall. Simply install a magnetically receptive fast-cure resin or roll-down layer, add a top surface finish and go!

More information about our partnership. 


Unilin Technologies partnered up with Bart Beugt, an expert in engineered wooden floors, to introduce engineered-wood herringbone floors.

Our T&G Unizip technology is the result of this partnership. 



The randomized edge technology, AutenTile, is developed, tested and implemented by the Marazzi Group.

The Marazzi Group is also part of the Mohawk Group and is the ceramic tile industry's best known brand. 



Daltile is the leading manufacturer and distributor of ceramics, porcelain tiles & natural stone in the USA.

Daltile is also part of the Mohawk group and we work together for the commercialization of ShelTile, our affordable roof tile technology. 

Unilin Panels

ClicWall is a wall panel system that provides a highly decorative finish for renovation projects.

Thanks to the Uniclic technology, the panels click quickly and effortlessly into one another.

Our partner for ClicWall is Unilin Panels (another division of the Unilin group).

Next generation “wrapping material”

Together with Tacon Decor, we developed a special wrapping material of laminate quality, to be used as a finishing surface for skirting boards and other decorative profiles.

This next generation wrapping material can be applied more easily and smoothly, at higher speed during the wrapping process while still providing the required impact resistance. It can be wrapped around corners with minimal radii. Less decor paper waste is created in the production of the wrapping material, making it a more ecological choice.

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