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Our company

Unilin Technologies is the intellectual property unit within the Unilin Group that grants licenses with regard to own and 3rd party patent rights. Today, we manage more than 3800 patents in over 500 patent families.

We commercialize intellectual property rights by granting licenses to different industries. Our licensees gain access to the newest product novelties,  disruptive manufacturing processes and revolutionary product construction methodologies. These technologies will substantially shorten the product development cycles and streamline logistics, while improving the quality of all kinds of products, allowing our licensees to gain market share and jump ahead of competition.

We also offer an established sub-licensing program designed to help companies commercialize their own ideas. We facilitate access to innovative technologies by expanding our licensing business model and maximizing the pace of novelties for new industries. Companies can boost their profit margins by relying on our extensive expertise in intellectual property management and our world-wide IP and know-how licensing network for promoting groundbreaking ideas and unique technologies.

Our values


We all share the same passion for our work and for our company. We have a passion to design the most attractive products for our customers, create the best quality and offer the best service.

We get our energy from innovating, installing and maintaining new technology and through continuous optimization of our processes and policies. We challenge the status quo and do more with less.


Working for UNILIN is like working for your own firm. Together we make up a team of entrepreneurs driven by the will to be successful. Working together is our motto. Everyone helps everyone.

Our holistic view on the business enables us to see the effect of our actions across the organization. We maintain responsibility when delegating,  stimulate initiative and debate with respect for everyone’s contribution.

We take reasonable, well-thought-out risks and adapt to changing conditions. Our decisions prioritize the long term, anticipating the future. Work ethic and entrepreneurial spirit are in our genes: anything is possible as long as we work hard according to a smart plan and invest in people and technology in a well-considered way.


We are convinced that we can make every challenge a success. With our heart and soul, we strive for perfection. We promote best practices. No matter what we do and where we do it, only the best is good enough. We constantly question ourselves and challenge why processes exist and discuss alternatives.

Our ultimate goal is to achieve excellence in everything we do. We want to have the best organization and want to be the best in every market where we are active. Speed of execution, aggressive cost controls and discipline are of fundamental importance.


Respect starts with caring: we aim to be a zero-harm company with a positive culture where everyone looks out for each other and safety is an innate part of our activities.

We are also aware of the impact we have on the environment and society at large and we always strive to strike the perfect balance between economic, social and ecological considerations. We respect all our stakeholders (staff, customers, suppliers, ...) taking into account the values and convictions of various cultures.

Our group


Mohawk is the world’s largest flooring company, with operations in Australia, Brazil, Canada, China, Europe, India, Malaysia, Mexico, Russia and the United States.

Mohawk’s brands are among the most recognized in the industry and include American Olean, Bigelow, Daltile, Durkan, Karastan, Lees, Marazzi, Mohawk, Pergo, Unilin, Quick-Step, Ragno and Emilceramica.

Mohawk is quoted on the New York stock exchange with an annual turnover of 10 billion US dollars and over 42,000 employees worldwide. The group manufactures carpets, carpet tiles & rugs, ceramics, LVT and laminate flooring. 


Unilin is a leading manufacturer of laminate flooring, engineered-wood flooring, wood-based boards, melamine boards and roofing systems.

Unilin was founded in the 1960s by about forty flax farmers. Since then it has developed into a world player in the flooring industry and is mainly known for its Quick-Step floors. In 2005, the UNILIN Group was acquired by Mohawk Industries Inc.

Unilin employs over 7500 people in 18 plants in Europe, USA and Asia.

Our team

TISE 2022
Work anniversary
Webinar, EPLF, digital printing, bevel technology
Chinese team, Unilin Technologies, Shanghai

TISE 2022

Unilin Technologies attended The International Surface Event at the start of 2022 with a state-of-the-art booth. 

Go take a look at our events page if you want to discover which fairs we will attend!

Multi-disciplinary team

Our multi-disciplinary team comprises experts in patents, legal matters, sales, marketing, finance, and R&D, who are located throughout Europe, the US and China. 

Our team often organizes brainstorm sessions to discuss all our latest developments.


Team building

Our team loves celebrating big wins! In March 2022 we celebrated Sabine's 15th work anniversary with pizza and pie!

Unilin Technologies goes cycling

Our team also enjoys cycling together.

Sponsored by Uniclic!

Webinar preparations anno 2020

Our team keeps the industry up to date on new innovations by frequently organizing webinars. 

Meet our Chinese team

Meet our dedicated team, located in Shanghai!



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