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Discover our easy-to-install wall locking system.

Thanks to the patented Uniclic technology, panels click quickly and effortlessly into each other.

Our wall locking technology can be manufactured in all types of materials e.g. a scratch-resistant wall system with a washable outer layer for ease of maintenance.

Also, there's no longer any need for paint or wallpaper; all types of styles and colors can be integrated within the panels. 

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Unilin IP enters into exclusive partnership with IOBAC on magnetic flooring and walling technology


On 3rd January 2019, Flooring Industries, Unilin’s intellectual property division, entered into an exclusive sublicensing arrangement to commercialize IOBAC’s revolutionary magnetic technology globally. IOBAC patented technology, allows floors and walls to be installed simply and quickly using magnetism, while providing end-users with ultimate flexibility to change and remodel in less time and at a lower cost than traditional systems.

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