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Just click and it's ready! 

Clicwall is an easy-to-install locking system for wall panels. It uses an innovative patented click technology called Uniclic. Uniclic is not only an excellent locking system for flooring and furniture, but also for walls.

This glueless locking technology is suitable for all kinds of materials such as scratch-resistant wall panels with a washable outer layer for ease of maintenance, decorative medium and high density fiber boards, melamine faced chipboards, etc.

Thanks to the patented Uniclic technology, the panels click quickly and effortlessly into one another.

Clicwall installation

Each ClicWall® panel has a tongue on one lengthwise edge and a groove on the other. The tongue and groove can be clicked into each other using the Uniclic system. The panels are installed by an angular rotation movement (VET). The profile of the two short edges is square as the panels are placed from floor to ceiling. 

The installation of the panels is five times faster than traditional systems such as plasterboard since it completely eliminates drying time. It is an all-in-one system so there is no need for plaster or paint which also makes for a clean, quiet and dust free installation.

uniclic wall easy installation

All-in-one system

Due to the increasing demand for extra capacity all over the world, Clicwall is the perfect solution for time sensitive projects, commercial interiors, schools or public facilities on a permanent or temporary basis. 

Extra spaces can be created immediately and are ready for use. Dismantling and re-use on other locations is possible, making this technology this the ideal circular innovation.

ClicWall® combines unrivalled ease of installation with a contemporary esthetic. Courtesy of the wide range of colours, designs and accessories, you can rest safe in the knowledge you’ll get a perfect finish.

Why choose ClicWall?

Fastandeasy 0

Quick & easy installation

Medal 3

Best technical performance among all locking systems


Ensured long-lasting stability

Nodust 2

Clean installation (no dust, no sand)

UNILINTECH icons recyclable 7

Circular technology

Fitsallmaterials 2

Suitable for all kinds of materials

Up to 5 times faster installation


Factsheet ClicWall (4.52 MB)

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