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Uniwall is one of Unilin’s floor on the wall solutions that offer a quick and easy system to mount flooring panels to a wall without using glue, with the added benefit of allowing expansion of the panels.

Uniwall is installed using specialized clips that allow for expansion because of an ingenious flexible mounting method.

The system is compatible with the high performing Unilin locking systems which enable the connection of a clip to the floor board and the wall.

Floor on the wall installation

The clips and wall system can be used to attach any type of floors to multiple wall types.

After locking in the floor board, the clip is attached to the joint and then screwed into the wall or stud.

Uniwall is perfectly compatible with the high performing Unilin locking systems on laminate and SPC flooring without any specialized tools.

Dismantling and re-use is possible, making this technology the ideal circular innovation.

The panels simply click into each other and are easier and faster to install than traditional wall-cladding systems.


  • Easy to install
  • Allows for expansion of the panels 
  • For different materials: SPC, Laminate,...
  • All-in-one system: Clean, quiet and dust free installation
  • Suited for different wall types
  • Circular innovation: re-usable wall panels

Efficient and versatile solution


fast & intuitive installation

Recy 0

Circular solution

No glue

No glue needed

Brain 10


No dust 1

Clean installation

Dimensionally stable2 0

Can expand freely

Fits all materials

Suitable for all materials

Star 1

Invisible connections

Top design wood ceramic 1

Floor and wall in same design

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