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Digital Printing

We license out single- and multi-pass digital printing technologies, both used in printing on decor paper for the laminate market, as well as patented technologies used in direct to board printing and digital embossing.  

In ceramics, digital printing has been the standard for many years, while in the flooring & furniture markets, digital printing hasn't yet been adopted, mainly because of high costs and low printing speeds.  

However, over the last 5 to 10 years Unilin has carried out an extensive research and development program to overcome these shortcomings. We are proud to announce that we have recently achieved a break-through in this market segment. 

The combination of the right equipment, the right ink, the right primer, together with our know-how and intellectual property is key in this project. 


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Surface in motion

Decorative Surfaces Conference

1-3 September 2021


The Decorative Surfaces Conference is organized by Technical Conference Management.

Jasmine Geerinckx (Unilin Technologies) and Marc Graindourze (Agfa) will give a speech about the topic 'Cost effective and high volume digital printing solution to print on décor paper for laminate production' on the 3rd of September at 1:30 pm.

Surface In Motion

03-04 November 2021


Surface in Motion is an annual Technology & Design conference for the wood-based market.

Mrs. Jasmine Geerinckx, Business Development Manager IP at Unilin Technologies, will speech during this event. 

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