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Digicor is a patent and technology package that offers an alternative solution that makes the switch to digital printing in a production environment feasible. 

As in many other markets, flooring customers want more design variety. Printing digital allows on the fly adjustment of the artwork with direct results. The sharpness & quality are wonderful because of the high print resolution and the register accuracy. Digital printing opens a completely new world of personalized, customized printing, and designers are no longer bound to the limits of the gravure cylinder.

Beside the large design freedom inventory costs are reduced and productivity is improved incrementally. Digicor makes this switch to digital printing in a production environment feasible.

Total printing solution

1. Digital roll-to-roll printing

Available through different equipment manufacturers

2. Fully functional UV curable ink set

Developed and produced by different ink manufacturers

3. Revolutionary, quality-enhancing primers: Uniprim

Developed and licensed by Unilin Technologies

4. Officially licensed patented technology & knowhow

Complete digital printing technology package for roll-to-roll printers by Unilin Technologies

Why choose digicor?

Fast 9

Short make-ready time

Endlessdesigns 3

Endless design flexibility


No stockpile of paper or cylinders

Compatiblewithcurrentproductionorsimpleintegration 3

Compatible with current production

Patend digicor

Patented solution

Drop on surface

High-end print quality thanks to uniprim


Digicor for Vinyl (2.47 MB)

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