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Innovative primers for digital decor printing: The essential quality factor

Digitally printed decor paper of supreme quality is now achievable and affordable thanks to our licensable Digiprime technology.

Our primer technology prevents ink bleeding and ensures high image sharpness, contrast and color intensity.

Additionally, Digiprime is dust-free and compatible with standard melamine production processes. 

Our partner in research and development from day one is AGFA, the Belgian inkjet ink manufacturer, known for both its UV and water based inks. 

Without primer


Decor paper is very porous, open-structured paper. Consequently, water-based inkjet inks penetrate into the substrate and cause uncontrolled bleeding beyond the intended print area. 

Uncontrolled ink bleeding
Uncontrolled bleeding beyond intended print area
Open structure decor paper
Open-structured decor paper

Solution: Digiprime


Our licensable Digiprime technology prevents ink bleeding and ensures high image sharpness, contrast and color intensity. 

Ink bleeding print area
Controlled ink spreading in print area
Primer technology Unilin controlled ink spread
Controlled ink spread when using Unilin-licensed primer technology


  • Applied via standard gravure printing lines or inline in front of the digital printing press
  • Perfect substrate binding of the primer prevents dust and powdering effects that could block the inkjethead nozzles causing white, unprinted lines on the paper
  • Maximized color gamut
  • More sharpness
  • Almost no bleeding and optimal surface-level dot spread
  • Reduced ink consumption
  • Fully compatible with the melamine impregnation process at normal production speeds and without contamination of the resin bath

Why choose Digiprime?

Inkconsumptionreduced 0

Ink consumption reduced by up to 18%


High image sharpness without bleeding


High contrast High color intensity

Nodust 0

No dust No blocked inkjet nozzles


Compatible with standard melamine process


Patented solution


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