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Do not screw up anymore! 

Our clic furniture can be assembled without any tools. This has a major impact on the assembly time, both during the preparation  as the effective assembly.

In addition, less damages will occur during the assembly taken into account that no tools are needed.

Our UNICLIC for furniture technology has won the Interzum Award of Intelligent material & design.  It can be used for kitchen & bathroom cabinets, wardrobes and living room furniture, but also for office furniture. 

The concept

The assembly of two panels containing a clic connection is as fast as counting to 3. The tongue and groove profiles allow both to angle or snap when assembling the UNICLIC panels. 

You do not need tools, glue or external fittings, the panels only need to be clicked together. 

Fast as 1 2 3



The click connection is stronger than a traditional assembly system as the joints interlock along the entire assembly length instead of only on 2 fixing points.


Strong connection



Esthetics are also key: given that the connections are milled into the material itself, no connection or fixation points are visible. Allowing you to give your furniture a more high-end look.

Thanks to this technology there is less raw material use, a smaller ecological footprint and of course a much faster, better and easier way to assemble furniture panels. 

No visible fittings

Why choose Uniclic for furniture?

UNILINTECH icons fast+easy 1

Fast and intuitive installation

UNILINTECH icons strong 3

Sturdy connection FIRA & BIFMA proof

UNILINTECH icons brain 1

Less sophisticated product manuals

Fast & easy installation

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