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The Unicoat water-repellant coating for flooring prevents liquids from penetrating into the joints of a floor and protects a floor from any long-lasting water damages. The coating forms the ultimate protection against water leakages and prevents damages and nuisances seen in floors when having been exposed to excessive amounts of water over a long period of time.

The application of this coating will upgrade the water-resistant properties of a floor enormously, not only to withstand a 24 hour NALFA test, but also to prevail in even more demanding wet-cleaning tests that also check for leaking of water through the joints. Unicoat will make floors last longer, even under intensive use.

How it works

The coating is applied during the production process in such a way that a sealed surface is obtained when the panels are locked together. The coating is applied to an otherwise unchanged wood-based core board, which makes this technology a very cost-effective way to obtain high-quality waterproof features in floors.

Unicoat, water-repellant coating, laminate, wood based flooring

The patented Unicoat technology has a double purpose:

  1. The coating will prevent water from penetrating in between the joints of two flooring panels. The surface of the floor is thus truly sealed, which prevents the presence of standing water underneath the floor covering which could potentially cause mold.
  2. The coating will act to prevent swelling of the material of the wood-based core, say HDF, by forming a shielding layer minimizing its moisture absorptive nature. No swelling means no pushed-up edges, nor the resulting premature wear at the surface.

To reach the ultimate waterproof properties with Unicoat, it is best used in combination with one of the Unilin locking systems, for which the built-in pretension is specifically designed to guarantee the best water-resistant properties.

The Unicoat technology is developed by Unilin and has already been introduced to the market as HydroSeal technology on many of the Quick-Step, Pergo and Mohawk product ranges, which are widely recognized as top-of class performers in terms of waterproof properties in the industry.


How waterproof flooring is tested at Unilin Technologies

At Unilin Technologies, we believe that a waterproof floor should prevent both water seeping through the joints of a floor and long-lasting swelling damages. There are several tests that can be conducted to measure these waterproof features of a floor.

Nalfa test, waterproof, Unicoat, laminate

24-hour NALFA test

A cylinder with water is placed on the T-joint of a floor for 24 hours. Afterwards the swelling of the material is measured by a measurement device. This test is used to determine the long-lasting swelling damages on laminate and other wood-based flooring products. The NALFA test doesn’t measure the watertightness or sealing capacity of a floor.

wet mop test, unicoat, waterproof, laminate

24-hour wet mop test

Internal test to simulate wet cleaning. Several mops that are infused with water and a lot of soap (5 times the standard amount), are put on top of a floor for 24 hours with a dampscreen on top to prevent evaporation. This test determines water leakages between the joints and damages, like swollen edges.

cylinder test, unicoagt, waterproof, laminate

24-hour cylinder test without leaks

Similar to the 24-hour NALFA test. A cylinder with colored water is placed on the T-joint of a floor. A white paper underneath the floor or a camera detects any water that seeps through the joint. This test determines water leakages between the joints.

The Unicoat waterproof coating is designed to repel water away from the joints, such that any moisture is trapped on the surface of the floor, where it can evaporate or easily be cleaned off. The result is a worry-proof flooring with fewer consumer claims. On top of that the sealed surface of the floor also means that wet cleaning the floor becomes easier than ever. Bacteria, dirt, and liquids can easily be wiped off with a damp cloth, leaving a clean, dry and hygienic surface without damage to the floor.

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