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Unigrout is a specially designed bevel technology for the edges of rigid tiles that looks exactly like a grouted groove and which is almost indistinguishable from real grout.

With the overlapping area underneath the bevel, floor panels can move or expand without showing unwanted gaps. 

Unigrout grout imitation

Unigrout provides a level installation with equal grout lines. This patented technology is specifically designed to minimize the risk of visible gaps between two panels.

Even when floor panels would expand or shrink due to changes in temperature, the specifically designed system will prevent visible gaps by using a telescopic ability of the innovative joint, wherein the upper edges maintain an overlapping geometry even when distanced due to shrinking.

Unigrout no visible gaps

Why choose unigrout?

No grout needed

no need to grout

Ceramic imitation

perfect ceramic imitation

Unigrout no sharp edges 0

no sharp edges

Unigrout bevel width 0

different bevel widths possible


Unigrout factsheet (2.39 MB)

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