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IOBAC is a magnetic flooring system that enables a more flexible, cost-beneficial installation over the life of a floor. Simply apply a magnetically receptive, fast-cure resin or install a roll-down layer, lay the magnetized flooring modules and go!

Super Quick to Install

The installation time of a floor using the IOBAC technology is reduced by up to 3 times in comparison with other floors. This technology can be applied directly to an existing floor, which means there is no uplift required. In addition, the resin-based system cures in hours.

The chosen top surface floor tiles are simply dry-laid on top of the underlayer. Consumers are offered the choice between magnetic surface tiles, standard carpet or +4mm Luxury Vinyl Tiles. These surfaces are magnetically fixed using the new IOBAC MagTabs. The newly installed floor can sustain traffic immediately. The installation of an IOBAC floor incurs little down-time or disruptions.

Flexible Design and Repair

IOBAC floors are enormously flexible in design and are easy to maintain. Consumers can effortlessly update the flooring design, giving the room in question a completely different look and feel in no time. In addition, damaged tiles can be swapped out in seconds, without the need for specialist contractors.

Cost Effective

The IOBAC technology also provides a cost-effective alternative for flooring.

Reduced installation time cuts labor costs. Simplified repairs and localised replacements also reduce labor and material costs throughout the life of the floor.

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With the IOBAC technology consumers will also enjoy a sustainable floor as the used tiles can be stored or recycled, which avoids landfill. In addition, the IOBAC technology ensures a clean, adhesive-free top surface installation process.

If you want to learn more about this technology or if you are interested in becoming a licensed partner, please do not hesitate to contact us


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