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This new core material for flooring has all the advantages of standard rigid products, including a click system and being waterproof, with the additional benefit of being extremely dimensionally stable. On top of that, this new core material is PVC free.

Because of the dimensional stability, the core will not expand when it gets hot, even at hotspots created by direct sunlight. This creates amazing potential for XPC cores in commercial applications.

XPC dimensional stability

The XPC material is composed of polymers mixed with glass fibers and other filling materials. It is produced by hot pressing the powdered mixture into a mold, which makes embossing on the surface possible

The XPC core can be finished with any kind of top-layer used in flooring today, including melamine or digitally printed top-layers. It is a flooring material that can be adapted to the end-consumers need.  
Just like ceramics, XPC is fully dimensionally stable and has the additional benefit of high impact resistance. XPC is the perfect PVC-free material for locking systems.

Why choose XPC?

Dimensionally stable2

extremely dimensionally stable

PVC free

free from PVC

Drop on surface 0


Top design wood ceramic

any type of top design

Lock glue

all locking & glue down technologies possible

XPC extremely stable core material


XPC factsheet (555.33 KB)

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