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Herringbone is a popular flooring pattern for its unique and trendy look that has made a come-back in the flooring industry. Traditionally, you need two types of panels (A-B or left-right panels) which are mirrored images of each other, to be able to install this flooring pattern. Unilin solved this inconvenience with the Unizip click technology. With this technology you only need one type of panel to be able to install a herringbone floor.

For engineered-wood herringbone floors, people generally prefer tongue and groove profiles without a click. However, these T&G profiles also require A-B or left-right sided panels for the installation. To also enable easy installations for tongue and groove profiles, Unilin decided to expand the ingenious Unizip technology to the tongue and groove market. No more need for A-B or left-right panels: with Unizip T&G one plank fits all!

How it works

This patented T&G technology is meant for glue down. The ingenious set-up of the tongue and groove profiles around the panel ensures that the short sides of the panel can be easily connected with the long sides of the adjacent panel.

Unilin Technologies offers two versions of this Unizip T&G technology.

Unizip T&G, competitor, herringbone, tongue and groove, wood, engineered, parquet
Unizip T&G, with jumper tool, tongue and groove, wood, engineered, parquet

Improvement on regular tongue and groove

With this Unizip T&G solution, the normal tongue and groove profiles are located around the panel in such a way that the short side tongue connects easily to the long side groove of the adjacent panel. This technology is only suitable for herringbone floors.

Manufacturers can produce this technology by making use of a jumper tool in production lines.

Multi-pattern tongue and groove

With this Unizip T&G solution, there are three tongue and groove profiles that are all compatible with each other. The short sides of the panels connects easily to each point on the long side of the adjacent panel. This technology offers the possibility for herringbone, double herringbone, basket and other patterns.

Manufacturers can easily integrate this technology in existing T&G production lines.



Do not hesitate to contact us if you want to learn more about this technology or if you are interested in becoming a licensed partner.

Unizip T&G, herringbone, wood, engineered, parquet

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