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Herringbone is a popular flooring pattern for its unique and trendy look that has made a come-back in the flooring industry. Unilin offers several possibilities to install a herringbone floor. Our Unizip profile for herringbone floors is mainly used for laminate and resilient materials.

For engineered-wood herringbone floors, people generally prefer tongue and groove profiles without a click. However, these T&G profiles normally require 2 types of panels, which makes the manufacturing, delivery and installation more difficult. To overcome this shortcoming, Unilin decided to expand the Unizip technology to the T&G market and partnered up with a specialist in engineered-wood floors called Beugt.


This patented technology makes use of a tongue and groove profile without click and is meant for glue down. The big advantage in this design is that the tongue and groove are positioned like the Unizip profile, which ensures there is no longer any need for unique left and right panels.


If you want to learn more about this technology or if you are interested in becoming a licensed partner, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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Engineered-wood herringbone floor

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