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Eco Tools are cutting tools with a unique geometry that minimizes impact and friction with the flooring material during the milling process, resulting in lower energy consumption, much faster production speeds, and therefore significantly increased output.

Thanks to its durable quality SPC is one of the most popular and resilient flooring materials used today. However, the rigidity of the material and the energy required to mill it, prevents manufacturers from running their milling lines at maximum capacity. This means slower production and more energy consumption.

Eco Tools technology solves this problem through a new cutting tool layout with a unique geometry. This innovative technology minimizes impact and friction and increases milling speeds by 50%, resulting in significantly increased production output, energy savings and lower tool wear, all of which reduce manufacturing costs.

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Enhancing SPC milling through 3 principles

Eco Tools is optimized for milling on double-end tenoners having four motor positions, including the beveled edge cutting knife position. The technology relies on three principles:

  • A differential tooth design of the profile cutters
  • Balanced material removal among the motor positions
  • Freeing up a motor position by using an alternative beveled-edge cutting knife

Why choose Eco Tools?


Minimized impact and friction


Lower cutting tool wear

Lowenergy 0

Lower energy consumption

Fast 2

Faster production


Cost reduction


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