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NEW UnidropX

Unidrop X is a one-piece fold-down locking technology that can be used to lay multiple floor patterns, such as herringbone, chevron and various types of basket patterns. This profile is an extended version of the popular Unidrop technology.

This solution ensures superior locking performances without the need of plastic inserts and is suitable for both resilient and laminate flooring materials. Unidrop X makes use of left and right sided panels that are easier than ever to install thanks to the fold-down locking mechanism.

This ease of installation does not comprise the locking performances, making Unidrop X the strongest one-piece fold-down technology for multiple flooring patterns on the market today.

How does it work?

The short side click connection of this technology is made compatible with the long side click connection of the adjacent panel, creating endless laying patterns for the installer. On top of that, the Unidrop X profile can be integrated in existing milling machinery without the need for additional investments.

Unidrop X offers an intuitive and easy way of deinstallation by simply angling up one panel, which prevents profile damages that often occur with traditional one-piece fold-down technologies.

If you want to learn more about this technology or if you are interested in becoming a licensed partner, please do not hesitate to contact us.


Unidrop X, profile, illustration

Why choose Unidrop X?

Fast 6

Quick and intuitive

Noinserts+noglue 1

No glue and plastic inserts required

UNILINTECH icons best technical performance 0

Best technical performance of all fold-down locking systems (now also for floor patterns)

UNILINTECH icons Unidrop X horizontal and vertical locking

Complete horizontal and vertical locking at the same time

UNILINTECH icons angle out deinstall 0

Angle out to deinstall

UNILINTECH icons multiple flooring patterns

Multiple patterns possible

Fitsallmaterials 1

Suitable for all materials

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