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The flooring industry has been looking for a solution to make checkerboard pattern installations possible. The production of square tiles with a locking systems has always been a challenge.

Unilin Technologies solves this problem with SquareClic, a technology which uses Diamond inserts during installation, ensuring a perfectly aligned floor throughout the whole installation.

How to install square tiles and checkerboard pattern with a click system?

SquareClic installation

Due to standard production tolerances, square floorboards almost always show deviations in their format, making it almost impossible to install a floor with square tiles that are fully aligned in a checkerboard pattern. 

SquareClic technology ensures that each intersection of four installed square panels stays perfectly positioned and aligned during installation.

Thanks to the ingenious Diamond inserts, deviations of the floorboard format itself are countered by keeping the square tiles in a straight position throughout the installation. 

Why choose SquareClic?

Perfectly aligned

Perfectly aligned

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