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Intelligent quality control

ClickControl is an intelligent quality measurement device that will level up the accuracy, speed and safety of the quality assurance departments. No more cutting up panels or second guessing - the machine checks the quality of click profiles in a fast and non-destructive way and gives clear instructions to milling line operators on necessary changes to create the perfect click.

  • More efficient
  • Higher accuracy
  • Non-destructive
  • Also for unskilled operators

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Meet the highest standards

Ensure the highest level of precision in the manufacturing process of click profiles with the quality control system ClickControl. The device replaces traditional profile projectors by scanning the click profiles. It provides indications of any milling deviations and gives instructions on necessary adjustments for milling tools, ensuring the click quality and maintenance. The game-changing device allows for a much more efficient and accurate quality control of the click systems.

Intelligent click profile scan system

Quality guarantee in seconds

ClickControl is available as a stand alone or in-line device that provides an overview of milling deviations in seconds. The automated device indicates if milling tools or motors need adjustment, ensuring the click quality and maintenance. It is the quickest and most efficient way to do the quality control of flooring products with click profiles.

Traditional quality control with profile projector

Non-destructive and safe

Up until now, quality control of click profiles was only possible by sawing off a small part of the panel, and placing this slice under a profile projector to check against the original drawing.

With ClickControl, simply place the whole panel in the device and ClickControl scans the click profile in detail.

Removing the need for panel sawing is much safer for the personnel, faster for production, and less wasteful for the environment.

Quality made simple

Intelligent and precise

ClickControl gives clear instructions to operators and requires little to no training to do quality control. The device creates precise measurements of the click profile and indicates which motor and milling tool positions need to be changed. It also eliminates manual mistakes, perfect for starting up production, but also to speed up and improve the production in existing milling lines.

Predictive efficiency insights

With the intel on tool wear and changes that need to be made to the setup, the milling line always stays up to par to create the perfect locking system.

It also provides statistical process control by indicating tools wear and gives an estimation on amount of time before milling tools need to be changed or resharpened.

Partnering for excellence

After Unilin created the concept of the technology, ClickControl was developed in partnership with PREWI, a renowned manufacturer of quality measuring equipment and tooling systems for the wood-based material processing sector, to produce the device.

In house technical expertise

With ClickControl we can go one step further in sharing our technical expertise with our licensed click partners.

In addition to a periodical visit of an Unilin engineer, Unilin licensees will now have an intelligent quality device in-house that will explain how to keep milling quality at the highest level.

Upon request the Unilin technical team can also offer remote support to the factory through the software.

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