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SynchroTile is an innovative production technology that matches digital printing with the structure of the ceramic body. The use of a state-of-the-art camera inspection system allows 3D textures on the base body to be recognized. These textures are then synchronized with multiple graphic patterns and glazes by identifying the texture. 

The 3D texture integrates with the digital design of the material, achieving an extraordinary realistic and natural effect. 

The SynchroTile technology allows more design freedom and is especially suited for wood/stone decor designs and long tiles. 

How does SynchroTile work?


The SynchroTile technology ensures an excellent synchronization between the relief structure of the ceramic tile and the digital decor in three steps::

1. The mould creates a relief structure on the tile

2. A state-of-the art camera inspection system identifies the structure of the tile

3. Align the graphic design with the identified material structure via digital printing


Why choose SynchroTile?

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Real touch & feel

Besttechnicalperformance 2

Excellent technical performance

UNILINTECH icons integrated digital solution 0

Integrated digital solution

Endlessdesigns 0

Endless design flexibility

Brain 6

Patented solution


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