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GripTile is a patented production technology that combines the unique features of high slip resistance with a soft surface touch

The slip resistance is integrated into the tile, so the properties do not wear off and the tiles are easy to clean

GripTile combines high slip resistance with beautiful design possibilities to be used indoor and outdoor.

Anti-slip for commercial and residential spaces

GripTile technology is a perfect, wear-resistance solution for commercial spaces such as offices, airports, garages, spas, hotels and restaurants.

  • Prevents slipping accidents, which are the most common cause of injury at work
  • Eliminates special footwear
  • Decreases injury or damage claims


Create safer living spaces with integrated slip resistance.

  • For indoor areas such as bathrooms, garage, kitchens
  • For outdoor areas such as pools and patios


GripTile makes life comfortable and safe even in these high-traffic spaces.

Integrated into production

GripTile represents an intrinsic characteristic of the product that remains unchanged over time.

Slip resistant particles are integrated into the glaze, so this technology can be easily integrated into existing production processes and offers a better option than currently known technologies.

The use of the new technology does not modify the textures and colors.

The tiles remain soft to the touch. It is naturally safe as it is free of toxic chemical.



Who choose GripTile?

Walkable 0

superior slip resistance

Touch 0

soft touch

Drop on surface 1

easy to clean


indoor & outdoor

Brain 9

patented solution

Endless designs

endless design flexibility

Best technical performance 0

great technical performance

No dust 0

free of toxic chemicals

Low impact and friction

high durability even in high-traffic places


GripTile factsheet (4.21 MB)

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