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ForTile is a licensable technology for the production of steel-reinforced ceramic tiles that have unsurpassed strength for floating or raised installations.

Besides raising the attainable impact resistance of the tile without noticeable damage, ForTile also prevents dangerous breakthrough in raised flooring installations. Instead of shattering into many loose fragments after a heavy impact, the ceramic tile remains bonded to the steel plate. 

It can be installed on existing floors, permitting the creation of raised access floors in indoor or outdoor locations. A wide variety of easy, quick and clean floating installation methods are available (magnets, low-tack adhesive, velcro).

Reinforced tile technology

The bonded steel backing sheet creates very high impact resistance by exerting a compressive force across the tile. Instead of shattering into many loose fragments after a heavy impact, the ceramic remains bonded to the steel sheet. It prevents dangerous break-through in raised flooring installations. 

With ForTile, a regular tile of 9-10 mm thickness resist to the impact of a steel ball of 510g falling from a height of around 80-90cm. 

Impact resistance
3 layers: ceramic tile - glue - steel sheet

3 installation methods

Grouted ceramic tile
1. Grouted
Groutless ceramic tile
2. Groutless with plastic edges
Raised flooring
3. Raised access using thicker tile


ForTile supports a variety of easy installation methods. Once the ceramic tiles are reinforced with ForTile, they can be installed in any possible floating way, the customer can choose the one he prefers.

The advantage of the grouted installation method is that the floor is completely water impermeable.

The advantage of the grout less installation method is that the installation is very easy and fast as since the tiles are laid down the work is finished. 

The last installation method, namely the raised access, is common for outdoor raised floor installations (terraces, balconies, verandas ...) . The edges between the tiles are empty which makes that the raining water can run through the inter spaces and can be easily drained away. 


Strong tile
steel-reinforced ceramic tile

Why choose ForTile?


Unrivaled impact strength

Clock 1

Install and grout in 1 day


Reusable tiles

Easy 3

Easy installation

Medal 7

Handmade look


Developed by Mr. Mariano Paganelli


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