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Innovative bullnose production technology

EdgeTile is a licensable technology that uses UV digital printing to decorate and finish the top edge of ceramic bullnose tiles at higher speed, lower cost and equivalent or better quality compared with traditional methods.

This innovative bullnose production technology significantly improves the appearance as the bullnose edge design and color match the ceramic tile far more accurately. 

In addition, Edgetile is a durable, ecological technology: reduced paint wastage (digital inkjet application is highly accurate), reduced energy consumption (no edge glaze firing required), reduced production line footprint and low VOC option compared with paint. 

Bullnose tile and all its layers

3 layers

The bullnose tile, for example a skirting tile, is manufactured starting from a regular tile that is cut into multiple pieces. 

Then the bullnose edge is decorated in different layers:

1. UV coating 

A UV coating is optional, but can be applied to the bullnose edge with a roller coater. 




2. Digitally print with UV inks

The design and color of the bullnose edge can perfectly match and imitate the design of the ceramic tile surface as digital inkjet application is highly accurate. 

3. Curable transparent UV protective layer

This last layer ensures excellent durability, scratch resistance and higher resistance to UV and chemical agents. 

Improved edge to edge aesthetics


The aesthetic appearance of the bullnose which is significantly improved with consistently repeatable print quality thanks to inkjet printing.

This makes sure that the bullnose edge design and color match the ceramic tile more accurately compared with traditional paint method. 

UV printed with EdgeTile technology
Traditional paint method (dot painted)


Reduced production costs
  • Less energy consumption (no kiln for firing)
  • Faster process (no drying process)
  • UV basecoat is optional
Process optimization
  • Fast digital production with instantaneous UV curing
  • Rapid color and process changes, results in seconds
  • No need for bullnose edge glaze firing cycle
Ecological technology
  • Less paint wastage because of high accuracy
  • Less energy consumption, no edge glaze firing
  • Reduced production line footprint
  • Low VOC option compared with paint

Why choose EdgeTile?

Medal 10

Significantly improved appearance Perfect design and color match

Costreduction 0

Reduced production costs

Fast 8

Instantaneous UV curing Rapid color and process changes


Reduced energy consumption


Reduced paint wastage: Digital inkjet application is highly accurate

Brain 2

Patented and implemented by Daltile

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