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Unilin takes proactive measures against Vilox to protect licensed partners


Unilin Technologies, a global leader in flooring innovation, has filed a complaint in the East Texas District court on January 24 against Vilox, Amy Group and East Texas Floors. The legal action was taken to address the alleged infringement of several claims of multiple US patents within Unilin’s extensive SPC patent portfolio.

TZ leads the way with Unilin Technologies’ P-SPC technology


Unilin Technologies, a global leader in innovative flooring technologies, is delighted to announce the expansion of its licensing partnership with the Zhejiang Tianzhen Technology (also known as “TZ”) group of companies. This expansion focuses on Unilin's patented PET-based P-SPC core material, redefining the resilient flooring market with its eco-conscious approach.

Unilin unveils Lucent technology at Domotex: pioneering a new revolutionary flooring category


Unilin Technologies is thrilled to announce the introduction of a brand-new technology: Lucent. This revolutionary technology is set to redefine the standards of flooring aesthetics and performance. Lucent technology will be presented for the very first time on the Unilin booth at Domotex Hannover on an invite-only basis.

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Unilin continues to defend SPC patent portfolio against Vilox


Unilin Technologies, a global leader in flooring innovation, stands firm in its dedication to protecting its extensive SPC patent portfolio. On January 30, the US Customs and Border Protection (CBP) ruled that a specific non-foamed SPC product from a single Vilox licensee is not covered by the three patents asserted in the 2019 Unilin ITC action. US Customs and Border Protection however agreed with Unilin’s argumentation that the ruling should be limited to the unique non-foamed SPC sample Vilox presented to CBP. Unilin already filed a district court complaint against Vilox based on different patents within their SPC portfolio.

"The recent CBP decision is not very relevant for the current market situation,” according to Bart Van der Stockt, President of Unilin Technologies. “The three patents asserted in the 2019 ITC action were selected based on alleged infringing products at that time. Vilox was not active at that moment so SPC products with Vilox technology were not considered during the patent selection. Unilin’s SPC/LVT patent portfolio is more extensive than those three ITC patents and we have already taken action against Vilox based on other patents within that portfolio. In addition, the ruling is limited to the specific non-foamed SPC product sample at issue. This means that US Customs’ duty, to check every shipment that comes in the US market on compliance with our General Exclusion Order, has not changed.”

Unilin’s SPC/LVT patent portfolio consists of 120 granted US patents and 45 US patent applications in total, covering various technological aspects crucial to the success of SPC technology. On January 24, 2024, Unilin filed a complaint against Vilox based on patents of this SPC patent portfolio which were not included in the 2019 ITC action.

Manufacturers, distributors, and retailers are encouraged to engage with Unilin for comprehensive legal guidance and protection within the patent landscape of SPC technology.

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