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Unilin continues to defend SPC patent portfolio against Vilox


Unilin Technologies, a global leader in flooring innovation, stands firm in its dedication to protecting its extensive SPC patent portfolio. On January 30, the US Customs and Border Protection (CBP) ruled that a specific non-foamed SPC product from a single Vilox licensee is not covered by the three patents asserted in the 2019 Unilin ITC action. US Customs and Border Protection however agreed with Unilin’s argumentation that the ruling should be limited to the unique non-foamed SPC sample Vilox presented to CBP. Unilin already filed a district court complaint against Vilox based on different patents within their SPC portfolio.

Unilin takes proactive measures against Vilox to protect licensed partners


Unilin Technologies, a global leader in flooring innovation, has filed a complaint in the East Texas District court on January 24 against Vilox, Amy Group and East Texas Floors. The legal action was taken to address the alleged infringement of several claims of multiple US patents within Unilin’s extensive SPC patent portfolio.

TZ leads the way with Unilin Technologies’ P-SPC technology


Unilin Technologies, a global leader in innovative flooring technologies, is delighted to announce the expansion of its licensing partnership with the Zhejiang Tianzhen Technology (also known as “TZ”) group of companies. This expansion focuses on Unilin's patented PET-based P-SPC core material, redefining the resilient flooring market with its eco-conscious approach.

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JiaShiYiBao innovates with Unilin’s cutting-edge bevel technologies


Unilin Technologies is delighted to announce that Zhejiang Jiashiyibao Flooring Co. Ltd. (’Jiashiyibao’), a prominent player in the flooring industry, entered into licensing agreements for four innovative technologies. This marks a substantial stride in their pursuit of innovation, enabling them to elevate their flooring collections with diverse design choices and enhanced functionality, addressing the varied tastes of consumers.

JiaShiYiBao will incorporate a number of different technologies: Matte Bevel, Pressed Bevel, Unigrout, and FlinTile. One of the standout innovations is FlinTile, a revolutionary locking system for rigid composite tiles with real grout. This ceramic alternative ensures 100% waterproofing and allows for a clean, DIY-friendly installation that can be walked on in less than a day. JiaShiYiBao's commitment to innovative technology extends beyond aesthetics to meet the practical needs of their customers.

“Our aim is to provide consumers with the best options, ensuring quality, functionality, and style,“ states Dr. Yang Feifu, Vice President of JiaShiYiBao. "With these new technologies we can provide an answer to the different design demands, from the natural and matte finishes to grout bevels that mimic ceramics.”

With the Matte Bevel technology, JiaShiYiBao brings an unparalleled level of realism to the bevel machining process. The Pressed Bevel technique, a Unilin patent, creates a seamless transition from decor to the deepest point of the bevel, closely mirroring the aesthetics of real wood. Unigrout, designed for the edges of rigid tiles, offers the look of grouted grooves that are integrated into the panel. With this technology, customers can install a ceramic lookalike with a floating, click installation. JiaShiYiBao is proud to introduce these innovations that add a touch of perfection to wood and tile designs.

"We are excited to see JiaShiYiBao’s commitment to innovation,” states Grin Jin Yan, Sales Director at Unilin Technologies. “These technologies empower JiaShiYiBao to offer a diverse array of flooring solutions, all while ensuring top-tier quality and functionality."

JiaShiYiBao's collaboration with Unilin represents a significant milestone in the flooring industry, offering consumers a wide range of choices and groundbreaking technologies that cater to diverse tastes and preferences. With the introduction of Matte Bevel, Pressed Bevel, Unigrout, and FlinTile, JiaShiYiBao is well-poised to set new standards for innovation in the flooring market.

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