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Unilin announces implementation of Matte Bevel Technology by Novalis


Unilin Technologies, the IP and technology division of Unilin, is delighted to announce that Novalis, a renowned manufacturer of high-quality resilient flooring products, will commence production of Unilin's patented Matte Bevel Technology. The technology provides an efficient solution for achieving a matte finish on a beveled edge.

Unilin Technologies enters into licensing contract with Swiss Krono on digital printing for laminate flooring


Unilin Technologies, the IP and technology division of Mohawk Industries, is pleased to announce the signing of the digital printing licensing contract with Swiss Krono, a leading global manufacturer of innovative flooring solutions. The agreement grants Swiss Krono access to Unilin Technologies' comprehensive digital printing patent portfolio for its past and future roll-to-roll digital printing activities.

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GIMIG adds Unilin’s Unigrout technology to its product portfolio


Unilin Technologies, the IP and technology division of Unilin, is excited to announce that Zhejiang GIMIG Technology Co., Ltd. decides to include the grout imitation technology Unigrout to its tile SPC product roadmap with new SKU launches planned later this year. This partnership represents a meaningful collaboration in the flooring industry, highlighting the shared dedication to exploring innovative solutions and improving the overall customer experience.

Unigrout, an innovative bevel technology designed for rigid tiles, replicates the appearance of a traditional grouted groove with remarkable precision. Seamlessly combining aesthetics and functionality, Unigrout sets a new standard for floor installation, providing a virtually seamless finish that closely resembles real grout. The patented technology significantly reduces the risk of visible gaps between the floor panels, ensuring a flawless and visually appealing floor surface.

"We are truly excited about this partnership with Unilin Technologies and the inclusion of Unigrout in our product offerings,” states Mr. Qian Yong, General Manager of Zhejiang GIMIG Technology. “Unigrout's innovative bevel technology aligns perfectly with our commitment to providing customers with reliable and aesthetically pleasing flooring solutions."

Following thorough internal assessments by Zhejian GIMIG Technology, Unigrout will be included in their future product launch plan. This recognition reaffirms Unigrout's performance and adaptability, making it a suitable choice for forward-thinking flooring manufacturers.

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