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Unilin unveils modern grout solution at Domotex Asia 2024


Unilin Technologies, the IP and technology division of Unilin, is thrilled to announce the launch of Unigrout Slim, a grout imitation bevel that brings the sophisticated appearance of ceramic tiles to vinyl flooring without the need for actual grout. Unigrout Slim will make its premiere at Domotex Shanghai, offering attendees an exclusive first look at this innovative product design.

Unilin’s Matte Bevel Technology empowers Wuxi Boda


Unilin Technologies, the IP and technology division of Unilin, is pleased to announce that Wuxi Boda Bamboo and Wood Industry Co., Ltd. (hereafter referred to as "Wuxi Boda") - in the wake of Novalis - has started the mass production of the Matte Bevel technology. The adoption of the Matte Bevel technology will raise the bar for Wuxi Boda’s SPC flooring by achieving a more natural and realistic matte bevel.

JiaShiYiBao innovates with Unilin’s cutting-edge bevel technologies


Unilin Technologies is delighted to announce that Zhejiang Jiashiyibao Flooring Co. Ltd. (’Jiashiyibao’), a prominent player in the flooring industry, entered into licensing agreements for four innovative technologies. This marks a substantial stride in their pursuit of innovation, enabling them to elevate their flooring collections with diverse design choices and enhanced functionality, addressing the varied tastes of consumers.

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Unilin’s IP division partners with Centexbel for bio-based coating and adhesive technology


We are proud to announce our partnership with Centexbel, a pioneer in biobased polymer research. Through this collaboration, Unilin has secured the exclusive and worldwide licensing right for Centexbel’s patent family on bio-based and biodegradable coatings, inks, and adhesive technologies.

“Our technology represents a significant leap forward in sustainable development in the textile and packaging industry,” explains Brecht Demedts, R&D manager at Centexbel. “The adoption of PLA and PHA revolutionizes the application range across textile, leather, paper, and more, enhancing sustainability, biodegradability, strength, and overall performance.”

Centexbel’s groundbreaking research in biobased polymer technology spans over two decades, resulting in significant advancements in coatings using polyhydroxyalkanoates (PHA) and Polylactic acid (PLA), two leading biopolymers. These 100% biobased polymers offer a sustainable alternative to fossil-based thermoplastic polymers such as PE, PU, acrylate or PVC, and present clear environmental benefits alongside manufacturing efficiencies and cost-effectiveness.

“We were immediately captivated by the potential of Centexbel’s innovations,” says Bart Van der Stockt, President of Unilin Technologies. “Our expertise in intellectual property management and our world-wide licensing network, combined with Centexbel’s pioneering research work in the development and implementation of this technology, will drive a profound shift towards sustainability in the textile industry and beyond.”

About Centexbel

Centexbel is the Belgian collective research center for the textiles and plastic converting industry. With three locations across the country, they conduct extensive materials research in their specialized laboratories. Additionally, Centexbel operates accredited testing labs and offers certification services for various product categories. Their research and development divisions focus on coating finishing and printing, extrusion and spinning of filaments, compounding, and processing of polymers, as well as medical textiles. Centexbel’s key areas of interest include circular economy, smart textiles, and biobased materials.

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