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Wego, Goodfellow, and Jiangsu Success release collections with Unilin’s Comfort Core Technology with improved ergonomics


The Comfort Core Technology creates a soft, comfort-first feel with every step. This ground-breaking innovation was developed by Pelican Creations Home and Unilin Technologies in the beginning of the year. Jiangsu Success recently started the production of this ergonomic technology. Wego International Floors and Goodfellow Inc. rolled out collections with this technology for the US and Canadian market.

Unizip – The unmatched solution for the rising demand of herringbone installations


The Unizip locking system is a great solution for herringbone installations with just one type of panel. It can be used for a wide range of base boards, such as laminate and SPC. Novalis Innovative Flooring was the first adopter of this technology for SPC, with enormous success. They launched products with Unizip locking in multiple collections for the American and European market.

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Unilin obtains important patent victory regarding waterproof flooring technology

  • European Patent Office confirms validity of Unilin’s ‘969 Patent on laminate flooring with waterproof edge treating technology.
  • The ‘969 Patent, which has counterparts in the USA, has broad scope thanks to early filing date.
  • Technology is offered to laminate market by Unilin Technologies through license program under Unicoat® brand.

On the 28th of September 2021, Unilin Technologies successfully defended an opposition against its European Patent EP 3294969 B1 (“the '969 Patent”). The European Patent Office dismissed all arguments regarding novelty and inventive step of the opponent in a 9 hour oral hearing and decided that the ‘969 Patent was valid.

The '969 Patent is the result of Unilin’s pioneering R&D efforts of many years ago regarding coatings that protect the edges of HDF based floors such as laminate from water damage. The ‘969 Patent has a broad scope and covers specific laminate flooring with all types of edge treating technologies and has equivalent counterparts in the USA. The ‘969 Patent is complimentary to the other Unilin patents that protect several more specific edge treating agents and production methods.

Unilin and the Mohawk group are since many years successfully practicing one of the embodiments of the technology through its Hydroseal®, WetProtect® and Revwood® products. More recently, Unilin Technologies added the technology to its worldwide licensing program under the Unicoat® brand.

We are very excited with this important patent victory”, states Benny Schacht, Unilin Technologies’ Patent & R&D Director. “We believe that the waterproof edge treating technology is a real game changer in the laminate flooring category, and we are pleased that our pioneering R&D efforts have been rewarded with a strong IP position. We are welcoming all companies to contact us if they want to benefit from a license on our Unicoat® technology or if they want to use their own coating solution that falls under our IP protection.”

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