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International Trade Commission confirms Unilin's ITC Ruling

  • On the 16th of September, 2020, the US International Trade Commission (ITC) confirmed the Initial Determination of the 15th of May 2020 rendered by ITC Judge Shaw. All asserted Unilin patents were again considered valid and infringed, and a General Exclusion Order was issued to prevent all importation of PVC based products falling under the Unilin patents without license or other permission.
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Unilin IP introduces Eco Tools®, a revolutionary method to mill clic profiles.


On the 10th of January 2019, Unilin IP will present its new and patented cutting tool technology for milling of locking profiles in flooring panels.

The innovative Eco Tools® are cutting tools with a unique geometry that minimizes impact and friction with the flooring material during the milling process, resulting in lower energy consumption, much faster production speeds, and therefore significantly increased output.

"The Eco Tools® technology has huge potential, especially for the production of highly-filled rigid resilient flooring like SPC", states Bart Van der Stockt of Unilin IP. "It is well-known in the industry that many manufacturers of such SPC products can run their milling lines at only 50 % capacity because of the rigidity of the flooring material and the energy required to mill profiles in the material. The milling speed and capacity is therefore currently a big bottleneck for many SPC manufacturers. The Eco Tools® technology is able to increase the milling speed to its maximum capacity without a need for additional motors in the machine, and as a result massively increases production output. This is all possible without a substantial change in the specific locking profile, and thus without compatibility problems".

The patented Eco Tools® technology will be offered to Unilin IP's licensing base through selected tool supplier partners and will be presented at the upcoming Domotex fair (Hall 12-Booth B80).

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