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JiaShiYiBao innovates with Unilin’s cutting-edge bevel technologies


Unilin Technologies is delighted to announce that Zhejiang Jiashiyibao Flooring Co. Ltd. (’Jiashiyibao’), a prominent player in the flooring industry, entered into licensing agreements for four innovative technologies. This marks a substantial stride in their pursuit of innovation, enabling them to elevate their flooring collections with diverse design choices and enhanced functionality, addressing the varied tastes of consumers.

Unilin continues to defend SPC patent portfolio against Vilox


Unilin Technologies, a global leader in flooring innovation, stands firm in its dedication to protecting its extensive SPC patent portfolio. On January 30, the US Customs and Border Protection (CBP) ruled that a specific non-foamed SPC product from a single Vilox licensee is not covered by the three patents asserted in the 2019 Unilin ITC action. US Customs and Border Protection however agreed with Unilin’s argumentation that the ruling should be limited to the unique non-foamed SPC sample Vilox presented to CBP. Unilin already filed a district court complaint against Vilox based on different patents within their SPC portfolio.

Unilin takes proactive measures against Vilox to protect licensed partners


Unilin Technologies, a global leader in flooring innovation, has filed a complaint in the East Texas District court on January 24 against Vilox, Amy Group and East Texas Floors. The legal action was taken to address the alleged infringement of several claims of multiple US patents within Unilin’s extensive SPC patent portfolio.

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Unilin announces implementation of Matte Bevel Technology by Novalis


Unilin Technologies, the IP and technology division of Unilin, is delighted to announce that Novalis, a renowned manufacturer of high-quality resilient flooring products, will commence production of Unilin's patented Matte Bevel Technology. The technology provides an efficient solution for achieving a matte finish on a beveled edge.

In June 2023 Novalis adopted Unilin's innovative Matte Bevel Technology. There is a rising demand for matte designs, but no suitable options existed for achieving a matte look on a micro bevel. Unilin Technologies’ Matte Bevel Technology offers a more realistic and natural looking bevel machined in the wear layer of resilient flooring.

One of the key advantages of the Matte Bevel technology is its compatibility with existing milling machines, allowing for efficient production. In contrast to the standard shiny bevels on standard products, Matte Bevel Technology gives floor panels a more high end look, but with reasonable investment costs for manufacturers.

"One of our key goals is to continuously innovate and deliver exceptional flooring solutions," said John Wu, CEO of Novalis. "We are excited to introduce this new esthetic solution to our customers."

Unilin Technologies remains committed to driving innovation in the flooring industry. By collaborating with Novalis, they remain at the forefront of surface technology solutions. Novalis is renowned for its commitment to excellence, premium quality, and continuous innovation. By incorporating Unilin's Matte Bevel Technology into their resilient flooring portfolio, Novalis is further reinforcing their dedication to delivering superior products that meet the evolving needs of their customers.

Unilin Matte bevel

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