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Unilin obtains important patent victory regarding waterproof flooring technology


Unilin obtains important patent victory regarding waterproof flooring technology

  • European Patent Office confirms validity of Unilin’s ‘969 Patent on laminate flooring with waterproof edge treating technology.
  • The ‘969 Patent, which has counterparts in the USA, has broad scope thanks to early filing date.
  • Technology is offered to laminate market by Unilin Technologies through license program under Unicoat® brand.

Unilin Technologies continuously grows its patent portfolio on digital structure


Unilin Technologies is happy to announce that the European Patent Office will grant a new European Patent on digital structuring technologies. The specific patent EP 3 381 710 will further extend Unilin Technologies' patent portfolio on "digital structure technologies" for panels. 

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Unilin division Technologies exhibits innovation for the ceramics industry at Cersaie 2019. 

Unilin, division technologies will showcase for the first time at Cersaie 2019 new, spectacular technologies in various ceramics areas, including ecological digital ink, water draining tiles, high impact resistant floating floors, easy-to-install glue-less faux ceramic click tiles.

A small selection of products that will be shown:

  • ForTile is a floating ceramics tile floor with unsurpassed strength that can be installed on all kinds of sub-floor constructions. The steel plate underlay forms a hidden high-impact resistant structure. This patented technology is perfectly suited for heavy duty floors in commercial buildings. 
  • SlimTile is a floating ceramic-look vinyl-based tile, with an easy-to-install glue-less locking system, available in large format. Joints may be grouted to obtain a water impermeable surface. The minimal thickness of the flooring system makes it an ideal product for renovation purposes or DIY projects. 
  • Ecolor ink & glaze significantly reduce harmful emissions and odor while retaining the same performance as standard inks and glazes. These innovative Sicer (patent owner) eco-solvent-based digital inks and glazes are already used by internationally-known tile manufacturers. 
  • AutenTile is a patented production tool, easily integrated into existing production flows, manufactures look-alike tiles with tumble-finished edges having a highly authentic appearance. 
  • AquaTile is a patented surface structure of these tiles that creates a pathway for water drainage, making them ideal for raised floors on terraces or balconies. 

Unilin division technologies seeks to establish mutually beneficial agreements between companies in all kind of markets for interruptive technologies. We have set up a sublicensing program that allows you to use our organization and expertise to market and commercialize your intellectual property. 

Filing IP rights, such as patents, trademarks and designs is a common way of protecting huge efforts spent in research and development. However, the investment in obtaining such IP rights is often regarded as a pure loss by companies due to the lengthy learning curve and time commitment. 

To help overcome the hurdles in filing IP rights, we have recently opened our IP expertise to other companies with the aim of creating recurring return on investment on their research and development activities. As an example of this service, several technologies and patents owned by different players in different market segments are already offered by the Unilin division technologies (e.g. Marazzi, Dal-tile, Interno 504, Sicer, Mariano Paganelli, ...).

So converting your innovative ideas into a patent is now much easier - we have the know-how and the expertise to support you in patent filing, prosecution and valuation. We can also market and commercialize your technology throughout the world via our extensive sales team. With more than 15 years of experiences in licensing, auditing and controlling of existing licensees, we look forward to discussing how we can help you protect and profit more fully from your unique products and technologies. 

If you have new, interruptive technologies in house and are looking for the right partner, do not hesitate to contact us: 

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