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Unilin Technologies continuously grows its patent portfolio on digital structure


Unilin Technologies is happy to announce that the European Patent Office will grant a new European Patent on digital structuring technologies. The specific patent EP 3 381 710 will further extend Unilin Technologies' patent portfolio on "digital structure technologies" for panels. 

Join the Flooring Innovation Days!


Unilin Technologies is pleased to invite you to their Flooring Innovation Days!

After another unconventional year, in which unfortunately no physical meetings and events could take place, Unilin Technologies wanted to reconnect with the market by organizing the "Flooring Innovation Days". During this online webinar series, several of our colleagues will be hosting 4 webinars to introduce you to Unilin's newest licensable technologies.

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International Trade Commission confirms Unilin's ITC Ruling

  • Validity and infringement on Unilin patents confirmed
  • General Exclusion Order issued on patent infringing products
  • US Customs will monitor incoming shipments for compliance

On the 16th of September, 2020, the US International Trade Commission (ITC) confirmed the Initial Determination of the 15th of May 2020 rendered by ITC Judge Shaw. All asserted Unilin patents were again considered valid and infringed, and a General Exclusion Order was issued to prevent all importation of PVC based products falling under the Unilin patents without license or other permission.
Such a general exclusion order means that US customs will actively monitor incoming shipments of flooring products to check whether potentially patent infringing products are indeed produced and sold under required Unilin licensing. The L2C holographic label program, outlined on, will be an important tool for Unilin IP and US customs to stop the illegal importation of patent infringing products.
“We are of course very happy with this ruling of the US Commission”, stated Bart Van der Stockt of Unilin’s IP division. “This confirmation did not come as a surprise given the strength of Unilin’s patents and the prior, well-reasoned decision from Judge Shaw in the Initial Determination in May of this year. But it is of course always good to receive this important news since it again demonstrates Unilin’s leading IP position in the flooring business. We continue to support all our licensed partners in the best possible way, taking whatever action is needed against manufacturers, importers, distributors and retailers who are not respecting our intellectual property rights."

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