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Unilin resolves SPC trademark issue for its licensed partners


Unilin Technologies, the IP and technology division of Unilin, is pleased to announce that it has entered into an agreement with i4F relating to the use of US “SPC” trademark. This agreement resolves the issues surrounding “SPC” branded products in the US market, ensuring freedom to operate for Unilin’s licensees and their partners.

Unilin unveils modern grout solution at Domotex Asia 2024


Unilin Technologies, the IP and technology division of Unilin, is thrilled to announce the launch of Unigrout Slim, a grout imitation bevel that brings the sophisticated appearance of ceramic tiles to vinyl flooring without the need for actual grout. Unigrout Slim will make its premiere at Domotex Shanghai, offering attendees an exclusive first look at this innovative product design.

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Unilin and Floors@Work settle Canadian IP court case


Unilin Technologies, the IP division of Unilin, announces the successful resolution of a longstanding intellectual property court case with Floors@Work, a Canadian importer and retailer of flooring products. The settlement puts an end to the legal proceedings initiated by Unilin in Canada on January 15, 2019. As part of the overall resolution, Floors@Work has agreed to make an undisclosed payment in damages to Unilin. This settlement effectively brings an end to the court case, with a trial originally scheduled for the end of January 2024.

“We remain committed to protect the interest of our licensed partners in Canada and other countries in the world,” states Sophie Demuenynck, Legal Director of Unilin Technologies. “We will continue to actively monitor the various markets for unlicensed, patent-infringing products through internal and external market research, and collaborations with customs and several law firms.”

Demuenynck continued, "Actions will be taken against any products believed to be infringing on our patents to ensure a fair and competitive environment for all our licensees. This commitment underscores our ongoing mission to foster innovation and uphold the integrity of our intellectual property portfolio. Our commitment to innovation and fair competition is exemplified through programs like the License to Click (L2C) Label Program," stated Demuenynck. "The L2C Labels are crucial to identify flooring products that receive patent protection, providing assurance to consumers and partners alike. This program aids in the detection of infringing products, ensuring fair competition and maximizing protection for Unilin's licensed partners and their customers."

The L2C labels, unique and numbered holographic stickers, are required to be attached to boxes of flooring products produced by manufacturers in certain regions. The labels are essential for glueless locking products, and any product without the correct L2C label will be considered unlicensed, even if manufactured by a licensed company. Legal actions will be taken against such products to maintain the integrity of Unilin's licensing program.

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