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The Unicoat water-repellent coating for flooring prevents liquids from penetrating into the joints of a floor and protects a floor from any long-lasting water damages. The coating forms the ultimate protection against water leakages and prevents damages and nuisances seen in floors when having been exposed to excessive amounts of water over a long period of time.

Pressed Bevel Technology

The Pressed Bevel enhances the appearance of resilient flooring to be even closer to real wood than ever before. With this technology, the edges of a resilient flooring panel are pressed downwards into a bevel, making sure the decor layer and texture of the board continue until the deepest point of the bevel.

Unidrop is a one-piece, fold-down technology that provides superior locking performance without plastic inserts and guarantees easy installation for the short sides of the panel. Unidrop is the very first one-piece, fold-down technology that can be deinstalled by simply angling out one panel.

Our company

Unilin Technologies is the intellectual property unit within the Unilin Group that files patents and manages their worldwide protection and commercialization.

Unilin Technologies also commercializes intellectual properties by granting licenses to different industries. Next to that, we offer an established sub-licensing program designed to help companies commercialize their own ideas. 

Next generation wrapping material

Together with Tacon Decor, we developed a special wrapping material of laminate quality, to be used as a finishing surface for skirting boards and other decorative profiles.

This next generation wrapping material can be applied more easily and smoothly, at higher speed during the wrapping process while still providing the required impact resistance.

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more news

New technology for square tiles and checkerboard installations with click to be launched at TISE


The flooring industry has been looking for a solution to make checkerboard pattern installations with a click system for a long time. To solve this problem, Unilin Technologies launches SquareClic, a technology which ensures a perfectly aligned floor throughout the whole installation.

Unilin Technologies launches new grout imitating technology at TISE


Tile and stone designs are becoming increasingly important for the SPC industry. It is for that reason that Unilin launches a new type of bevel for resilient floors that looks exactly like a grouted groove. This revolutionary bevel technology called “Unigrout” is almost indistinguishable from real grout. Unigrout provides the looks of real ceramics, with all the benefits of an SPC floor.


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L2C Label program

Unilin Technologies introduced the "License to Click" or "L2C Label Program" in April 2012 to identify boxes of flooring products that are given patent protection under a license agreement. Boxes that are not correctly labelled are considered to be unlicensed, even if they are made by a licensee, and will be legally treated as such.

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