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Unicoat, water-repellent coating, laminate, wood-based flooring, waterproof


Water-repellent edge-coating for flooring with triple function.


ClickControl is an intelligent quality measurement device that will level up the accuracy, speed and safety of the quality assurance departments.

Perfect ceramic imitation


The lightweight ceramic alternative technology FlinTile does not only offer a ceramic look but also makes a floor 100% waterproof. The floating installation is possible on existing floors and enables a quick and clean installation that is walkable in less than a day. 


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Unilin resolves SPC trademark issue for its licensed partners


Unilin Technologies, the IP and technology division of Unilin, is pleased to announce that it has entered into an agreement with i4F relating to the use of US “SPC” trademark. This agreement resolves the issues surrounding “SPC” branded products in the US market, ensuring freedom to operate for Unilin’s licensees and their partners.


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L2C Label program

Unilin Technologies introduced the "License to Click" or "L2C Label Program" in April 2012 to identify boxes of flooring products that are given patent protection under a license agreement. Boxes that are not correctly labelled are considered to be unlicensed, even if they are made by a licensee, and will be legally treated as such.

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