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Surface technologies furniture

Unilin Technologies has gathered enormous know-how and extensive technologies over recent years on surface treatment and embossing structures. 

These surface technologies provide a very high-end surface appearance for furniture.  

The surfaces can be produced in different forms.

Different forms

Compressed wood technology

The compressed wood technology improves the integral strength of the wood. After the wood has been processed it retains its original appearance and grain texture, but has become stronger. 

Compressed wood technology

Embossed in register

True-to-nature surface structures are created by means of the press plates used in the lamination process, giving a realistic texture that matches the decor.

Embossed in register

Deep embossing/scraped

The MDF board is deformed to create deep structures, imitating scraped wood, cracks, gaps and beveled edges found in real wood planks.

Deep embossed and scraped simulated wood textures

Gloss-matt contrast

This technology enables the creation of surface structures by means of different degrees of gloss finish. Wood species such as "wenge" can be imitated very reliably.

gloss-matt contrast to simulate wood textures

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