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Facadeclick is a circular, mortar-free facade technology that clicks traditional facing bricks on top of each other by using HDPE connectors, as fast as using toy plug-together bricks! 

Eco-friendly, circular facade construction has never been easier: you do not need any special techniques or qualifications, enabling a larger workforce, facilitating self-builds and delivering all-round economy. 

All this happens without the use of water, mortar or glue. Facadeclick is simply fast, strong, durable and sustainable. 

Circular facade construction

A circular economy aims to keep materials and products at their highest utility and value at all times. Nothing should go to waste. The Facadeclick system is circular because a Facadeclick wall can be demolished without damaging or crushing the bricks into gravel. Instead, the bricks, inserts and anchors can simply be disassembled and reused to build a new Facadeclick house.  

Facadeclick is an environmentally-friendly technology, because using HDPE connectors instead of mortar reduces CO2 pollution. Additionally, the technology does not use water, which makes it a very attractive technology in countries with water shortage. 



Facadeclick building circular sustainable HDPE

4 easy installation steps

Building a facade with bricks becomes very easy when using Facadeclick. Thanks to the specific shape and properties of the various parts of the building system, you can click the facing bricks on top of each other row by row. Not only is it simple, but due to the innovative shape of the insert, errors in the building process are almost impossible.




You do not need any specific techniques or qualifications to work with Facadeclick as 4 easy installation steps will result into a good-looking facade. For a traditional, joint-less facade wall, a worker can build around 6 sqm per day, whereas with a Facadeclick wall a worker can easily build 12 sqm of wall per day; the installation with Facadeclick is twice as fast. 


Click HDPE insert bricks facade
1. Click it
Build Facade click HDPE brick
2. Build it
Anchor HDPE insert brick facade inner wall
3. Anchor it
Insulation pearls facade anchor brick HDPE insert
4. Insulate it

Why choose Facadeclick?

Icon 02 1

Quick and easy installation


Lower placement cost

UNILINTECH icons easy

No extensive training required

UNILINTECH icons recyclable

Circular & reusable technology

Eco 2

Sustainable: No water, mortar or glue

UNILINTECH icons weather

Weather independent construction

UNILINTECH icons strong

Strong & flexible insert


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