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Affordable roof tile technology

ShelTile is licensable technology for the production of very affordable and durable glazed porcelain roof tiles that can convincingly replicate natural slate, concrete, terra cotta, wood and other materials or creative designs.

ShelTile attachment holes enable fast and simple installation. ShelTile is also compatible with nail or screw guns, saving time over traditional manual hammering. 

The technology offers limitless design flexibility and is impervious to water, so there is no risk of frost damage. ShelTile can go up to class IV hail resistance according to ASTM norm that may mean a discount in house insurance in the USA. 

ShelTile is stronger and more durable than slates, clay, terra cotta, concrete and wood shake roofing. 

Patented and implemented technology by Daltile (Mohawk)

Our partner for this roofing technology is Daltile (part of the Mohawk group). The patent defines how tiles are attached onto the roof:

  • Special attaching holes, which reduce tile breakages.
  • A plastic underlay improves water impermeability and reduces the tile overlapping to a minimum: Max. 25% overlap compared to 50% overlap for traditional tiles. This results in a lower number of tiles that have to be installed with consequent increase of installation speed and decrease of transport cost. 

Perennial Roofing Nordic Timber

Why choose ShelTile?

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Patented by Daltile (Mohawk)


Affordable porcelain roof tile

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Reduced overlap of tiles


Fast installation using standard methods

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Stronger than natural slate


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