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Water draining technology

DeltaTile is a licensable technology for the production of ceramic floor tiles that have highly efficient surface water drainage capabilities.

DeltaTile is a natural, passive drainage system which provides increased slip resistance. It is the perfect solution for outdoor locations as there is no need for additional plastic mats or covers to provide slip resistance. 

Our partner is  Interno504.

Water draining technology

DeltaTile is an intelligently-designed 3D surface structure that provides pathways for efficient water drainage.

This provides increased slip resistance and safety in wet areas, making it ideal for outdoor patios, terraces, pool surrounds, balconies, etc.

The pathway structure can be integrated within designs that have high esthetic value, including natural stone, wood, etc.

Water draining 3D surface structure slip resistance outdoor

Why choose DeltaTile?


Increased slip resistance

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Natural, passive drainage system

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Patented press plate technology Developed by Interno 504


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