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Randomized tile edge technology

AutenTile is a licensable technology for processing the edges of ceramic tiles to produce an irregular randomized profile, giving them an attractive, authentic look. The technology randomly distresses the edges of the tiles to make each tile different from the others.

The tiles are processed with grinding wheels that damage the edge of the tile. The grinding wheels can have an irregular surface and/or can rotate with a constant speed, so that the damaging is irregular from tile to tile. 

Randomized tile edge technology


The randomized edge technology is developed, tested and implemented by our partner the Marazzi Group (part of Mohawk). Unilin Technologies has the right to commercialize the patent. 







The randomized edge irregularities give ceramic tiles a high quality, authentic handmade appearance.

rustic appearance
Attractive, rustic appearance
Randomized edges
Irregular randomized edges

Why choose AutenTile?


Proven concept

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Unique, patented technology Developed and implemented by Marazzi


Easy to integrate in the production line


Eco-friendly production process


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