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New technology for square tiles and checkerboard installations with click to be launched at TISE


The flooring industry has been looking for a solution to make checkerboard pattern installations with a click system for a long time. To solve this problem, Unilin Technologies launches SquareClic, a technology which ensures a perfectly aligned floor throughout the whole installation.

Unilin Technologies launches new grout imitating technology at TISE


Tile and stone designs are becoming increasingly important for the SPC industry. It is for that reason that Unilin launches a new type of bevel for resilient floors that looks exactly like a grouted groove. This revolutionary bevel technology called “Unigrout” is almost indistinguishable from real grout. Unigrout provides the looks of real ceramics, with all the benefits of an SPC floor.

Unilin Technologies launches new PVC free core technologies for the flooring industry at Surfaces


For more than 20 years, Unilin Technologies’ key ambition has been to support the continuous growth of the flooring category by introducing innovations that matter. That is why Unilin Technologies is launching two new game-changing PVC free core technologies at Surfaces: XPC and P-SPC. These new types of cores are the next step forward in the resilient flooring revolution, bringing improved performance and increased sustainability to the table.

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Facadeclick enters into partnership with brick manufacturers Rodruza, Floren and Steenfabriek Klinkers


Facadeclick is pleased to announce that it entered into a partnership with brick manufacturers Rodruza (NL), Floren (part of the Michelmersh holding, BE) and Steenfabriek Klinkers (NL).

Circular construction aims to keep products, components and materials at their highest utility and value at all times, generating as little waste as possible and optimizing resources to benefit people and the environment.

Facadeclick is a circular construction technology that combines the well-tested properties and characteristics of traditional bricks with an innovative assembly method: connectors link the facade bricks firmly together without any glue, mortar or water. Assembly is therefore faster, easier, efflorescence-free and can be carried out in all weather conditions. Moreover, the system is circular as the bricks and inserts can simply be re-used.

“I am extremely pleased that brick manufacturers Rodruza, Floren and Klinkers decided to work with Facadeclick and also take the path towards a more sustainable and circular construction industry. We already work together with Steenfabriek Nelissen in Belgium, but it is excellent to see that other brick manufacturers also believe in our system and will also start producing Facadeclick bricks”, states Facadeclick’s manager Patrick Vandenbempt. “Recycling and circular economy are Facadeclick’s primary goals. The EU construction industry is responsible for a huge amount of CO2 emissions, material streams, water and energy consumption. Our technology is not a revolution; It is an evolution towards sustainable, circular construction.“

Since 2020, Unilin Technologies (the IP division of Unilin and Mohawk Industries) facilitates the worldwide commercialization of the patented Facadeclick technology through license agreements.

Do you want to know how to become a licensed partner so you can also manufacture Facadeclick bricks? Contact us.

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