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Uniclic for FurnitureUniclic for Furniture

Clic furniture can be assembled without any tools. This has a major impact on the assembly time, both during the preparation (no need to prepare tooling) as the effective assembly. In addition, less damages will occur during the assembly taken into account that no tools are needed.

Esthetics are also key: given that the connections are milled into the material itself, no connection or fixation points are visible. Allowing you to give your furniture a more high-end look.

Both Unilin and its partners developed clic furniture passing the FIRA and/or BIFMA tests and thus confirming the rigidity and solidity of clic furniture.



 Non-exhaustive list of licensable patents relating to the Uniclic for Furniture technology


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Residential furniture furnitureHow to avoid that end-consumers struggle with the assembly of their brand new furniture? Or how to avoid damages, defects and returns caused to wrong / in-correct installation? Keep a smile on everybody’s face and opt for Unilin’s Uniclic for furniture on your furniture line.
Drawers's Uniclic for drawers profile makes it more easy and efficient to assemble drawers. Allowing you to increase in-house assembly efficiency or even to ship the drawer out flat-packed.
Kitchen cabinets cabinetsSimply clic a kitchen cabinet together in 30 seconds? It is possible thanks to Unilin’s clic for furniture technology. Each professional installer’s or DIYer’s dream.
Commercial furniture furnitureUnilin’s clic for furniture makes it possible to ship commercial furniture flat packed on site without giving in on total installation efficiency. This is ideal for the project market where transportation, assembly speed/ease and in time finalization are key.