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IOBAC Magnetic Flooring Technology

The IOBAC Magnetic Flooring System enables a more flexible, cost-beneficial installation over the life of a floor. Simply install a magnetically receptive fast-cure resin or roll-down layer, add a top surface finish and go!

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Super Quick to Install


 Installation time reduced by up to 3 times
  • Can be applied directly to existing flooring – no uplift required
  • Resin based system cures in hours

Top surface floor tiles are simply dry-laid on top 
  • Use either magnetic surface tiles
  • Or use standard carpet or +4mm Luxury Vinyl Tiles fixed using new IOBAC MagTabs 
  • New floor can be trafficked straight away 
Minimised operational disruption and down-time 


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Flexible Design and Repair 

  • Flooring designs can be updated effortlessly 

  • Damaged tiles swopped out in seconds – no specialist contractors required

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Cost Effective


  • Reduced installation time = reduced labour and material costs

  • Simplified repair and replacement saves money throughout the life of the floor

  • Tax efficiencies due to removable top surface


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  • ​Used tiles can be stored or recycled – avoid landfill

  • Ensure a clean, adhesive-free installation process