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UNIFIT® | UNIFIT PLUS® | UNIFIT X ® fold-down technologies

UNIFIT, UNIFIT PLUS and UNIFIT X are UNILIN’s technologies for the fold down installation of flooring panels. In addition to their versatility, the UNIFIT connections are extremely simple and efficient to produce and to install. The technologies work in all kind of materials. UNIFIT PLUS has the additional advantage of having pretension in the profile pushing the panels towards each other once assembled. This makes it possible to create waterproof fold-down connections. UNIFIT X gives installers access to an endless variety of installation patterns thanks to the long-short side compatibility of the clic connections.


UNIFIT® & UNIFIT PLUS® - fold-down technologies

  • State of the art fold-down technologies
  • Multiple assembly and disassembly possibilities
  • Easy integration in existing production lines
  • Vertical and horizontal locking along the entire width of the profile
  • Flexibility in the width of panels: one insert for all widths
  • Suitable for high speed production lines


UNIFIT X ® is UNILIN's fold down solution creating endless laying patterns for the installer. Given that the short side clic connection of the panel is compatible with the long side clic connection of the panel, patterns as for example herringbone, chevron and different types of basket patterns are possible. UNIFIT's well known 3 installation options remain possible (fold-down, angling and snapping). For more information, please watch the video.



Thanks to the UNIFIT PLUS pretension fold-down, manufacturers are now able to produce products which are also waterproof on the short side of the panel. In the case of laminate or engineered products, by simply adding a sealant to the UNIFIT PLUS profile, not only the profile but also the panel as such becomes waterproof.


Available for different kind of materials, from 4mm LVT panels to 18mm engineered

Unifit 5 products

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Non-exhaustive list of licensable patents relating to the UNIFIT® & UNIFIT PLUS® - Fold-Down technologies