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Digital printing

Single-pass and multi-pass digital printing solutions for direct printing on flooring and furniture panels as well as digital printing of decor paper.

Traditional printing techniques of laminate decor paper (furniture/flooring) require large volumes to make the process economical. Therefore both customizing decors and launching new decors is a costly process consuming a great deal of time and effort. Although digital printing has been around as a dreamt-of solution for several years, the development efforts of Unilin have now made it ready to also breakthrough in the flooring and furniture industry.

digital printing picture

Unique features of this technology include:

  • Water-based inks which can be adapted to different types of print heads and existing printing lines
  • Low ink consumption
  • Dark decors feasible
  • Excellent compatibility with existing DPL technology (for example overlays, kurztaktpress,…etc)
  • Extensive patent protection thanks to a combined patent pool of UNILIN, AGFA, FRATI, PERGO, HÜLSTA/PARADOR for digital printing and ink
  • CMYK + R or CRYK: customized red ink for wood decor printing
  • Light fastness and quality performance equivalent to analogue printed paper (abrasion resistance, impact resistance,…etc)
  • 100% plug in for traditional DPL process
  • Increased flexibility, lower Work in Progress and Working Capital
  • Increased dimensional stability of printed paper
​Especially the possibility of printing darker colors successfully, makes UNILIN’s Single Pass Digital Printing solution unique and therefore revolutionizing.

Non-exhaustive list of licensable patents relating to the direct digital printing technology.

Non-exhaustive list of licensable patents relating to the printing of decor paper technology.