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UNIPUSH® fold-down technology

UNIPUSH is one of the most intuitive to install and easiest to produce push down technologies ever invented. By angling the long side of the panel in, the panel can be connected on the short side simply by pushing the panel down on the short side. No additional materials (e.g. inserts) or equipment are necessary to produce UNIPUSH.  


 UNIPUSH® - push-down technology

  • Intuitive and easy to install drop down connection
  • Disassembly possible
  • Horizontal and vertical locking along the entire width of the panel
  • No additional material (e.g. inserts) necessary to create locking
  • Easy integration in existing production lines. No additional equipment necessary


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Unipush in 5 materials

Non-exhaustive list of licensable patents relating to the UNIPUSH® - Fold-Down technology ​